Teaching Vitae

Course Instruction 

Winter 2017, Fall 2017

The Theory and Practice of University Teaching (SGPS 9500), Western University

SGPS 9500, an interdisciplinary graduate credit course on the theory and practice of university teaching, is offered by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The goals of the course are: (1) to share with students background research and theory relevant to university teaching, and (2) to provide opportunities for practice and feedback on teaching methods and approaches.

Winter 2014

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (SGS 901), Queen’s University

This course is intended for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows across the disciplines who want to develop as skilled, thoughtful, and confident post-secondary teachers.  The goal of this course is to challenge and broaden conceptions of learning and approaches to teaching.  Sessions will be literature-informed but activity and discussion-based with an expectation of a high degree of collaboration and participation.

Spring 2010, Spring 2011

Interdisciplinary Dissection Course, Education Program in Anatomy, McMaster University

This applied cadaveric dissection course brings students together from Medicine, Nursing, Physicians’ Assistant, and Midwifery Programs through a case- and inquiry-based curriculum covering systematic anatomy.