eLearning Leadership

Advancing an eLearning Community


Advocating for Open Education

Reducing the costs of students’ course materials, increasing access to innovative resources, tapping into an academic community build on sharing and reciprocity – these, to me, are the benefits of open education. As an advocate of Open Education at Western University, I:

  • Co-Chaired Western’s Open Education Working Group striking 11 recommendations for the institution in advancing open educational resources and practices across campus
  • Coordinated an inaugural Open Education Day at Western in November 2017
  • Promote Western as an institutional leader on the Open Education movement to provincial counterparts
  • Connect with a community of open colleagues at provincial and national levels as an eCampusOntario Open Ranger
  • Model open educational practices in my own teaching

Exploring New Technologies with Faculty as Partners

When faculty seek innovation, they also look for campus champions who can support their innovation to fruition. Working with a community of interdisciplinary faculty, I have advanced the presence of ePortfolios at Western University. Together we have tested various ePortfolios platforms and have developed best practices for ePortfolio assignments, developing sharable course resources for cross-campus use. Looking forward, I will continue to coordinate and liaise with the ePortfolio community, advocating for ongoing and expanded institutional support for faculty innovation.

The following video is an example of a resource I created for the ePortfolio community. The video is intended for students – aiding them in selecting everyday digital tools for creating course-based ePortfolios. The video can be adopted or adapted by any instructor interested in supporting their students in this way: