Certificate Program in University Teaching & Learning

In 2012, I began work with the Certificate Program in University Teaching & Learning at the Centre for Teaching and Learning, Queen’s University. The certificate program is intended for graduate students who seek one of four certificates to demonstrate advances in teaching development.

Initially, I was responsible for receiving applications, reviewing submitted materials, providing feedback, and awarding certificates. As my work developed, I began orienting other Educational Development Associates to the work. It was at this point that I proposed a review of the program. Programmatic outcomes were made explicit, certificate requirements were adjusted to align with outcomes, and rubrics were developed to support a more standardized process of evaluation and feedback.


ED Philosophy Themes

Conversational: The certificate requirements were designed such that applicants were asked to communicate their reflections, perspectives, and insights on teaching and learning. In feedback, I aimed to engage the recipient in conversation through critical questioning. I always ended my feedback with an invitation for discussion and candidates regularly followed up through consultation in which we shared experiences, discussed resources, and explored future opportunities for development.