Kicking Off the Extend mOOC

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be *working on ramping up my blogging as I participate in eCampusOntario’s Extend mOOC (a mini- Open Online Course).

With the new year, I set an intention for 2019 to pay more attention to my “professional development”. The Extend mOOC is a perfect opportunity, then. In Module 0, David Porter (CEO eCampusOntario) distinguished beautifully a difference between professional development and professional learning:

I’ve always preferred the term professional learning because it has the connotation of action – that you learn through doing – and it also has a collaborative aspect…it’s active and continuous… So that’s how I see professional learning being different from professional development. It’s not a treatment, its an ongoing process in which you engage as a professional over time.

David Porter, CEO eCampusOntario

So here’s to professional learning. To collaboration and action. Cheers!

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  1. Hi Lauren! Excited to see some action on the independent route through the mOOC!

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