Ideating On a Tech Challenge

I’ve been working on the Extend mOOC and am currently working on the Ideate Challenge of the Technologist module. The challenge: form and build the ideal features and characteristics of how technology could address your learner/user challenge.

Since creating the Rubric for eLearning Tool Evaluation, with my colleague Gavan Watson, we’ve seen the rubric being adopted in a variety of new ways. For example, fellow mOOC peer Sarah Wendorf (Cambrian College) posted her use of the rubric in comparing H5P to Genially:

See her Tweet here

This has got me imagining new ways of engaging with rubric. It was ultimately intended to be an evaluative tool for instructors to use in quickly and comprehensively reviewing a technology for teaching and learning. While I certainly believe the 7-page PDF version is comprehensive I’ve wondered about it’s agility to offer a quick review.

With the ongoing and ever-developing goal of making the rubric super accessible and useful to instructors, I’ve been tossing over the possibilities for increasing the utility of the rubric – essentially maintaining it’s comprehensiveness while increasing it’s utility.

Is there a tool out there that will enable me to set up the rubric in a new way addressing the user challenge of needing to quickly evaluate, customize, and share their rubric reviews?

Mind-Mapping the User Challenge

The following mind-map is a first-go at brainstorming user needs when it comes to addressing the key question (above).

Over to You!

It’s been you – the users – that have inspired these ideas and I’m hoping you’ll help me expand them:

Are there other user needs I haven’t accounted for yet?

Do you know of tools that might help me build this next version with these user needs in mind?

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