Digital Curation

Digital curation is the organization and sharing of digital artifacts such as webpages, journal articles, images, blog posts, infographics, etc. It is quickly becoming a popular approach to organizing and sharing course- or academic-related material with students and colleagues.

There are many examples of curation tools. Pinterest allows for the collection of visual bookmarks that are ‘pinned’ in a board. Storify enables the creation of stories by collecting updates from social networks like Facebook and Twitter. allows for the production of a

newspaper-style feed of collected digital artifacts. These are just three examples of the many and diverse tools currently available on the web. With such a variety, the possibilities for serving pedagogical and academic purpose are broad.

To test this all out for myself, I recently used  to establish an “Ideas for Teaching and Learning” page. Through this page, readers can explore the artifacts posted here by scrolling though newspaper-style posts or by using the filter option to see artifacts by a particular tag. You can learn more about these artifacts by reading the brief headline and excerpt, by reading the poster’s comments, or by clicking on the artifact to go directly to the source.

I wonder, in what creative ways might digital curation continue to meet my teaching and learning needs? Here are some musings:

  • a reading list could be shared with students on particular course-related topics
  • students could be tasked with using a particular tool for collecting, interpreting, and sharing their research process for an inquiry-based assignment. Student-generated pages could be shared with facilitators and classmates alike.
  • Pinterest could be used to collect visual bookmarks of anatomy diagrams, images, online study tools, and other resources.

I am excited at the possibilities made available through the exploration of digital curation for teaching and learning.

Photo Credit: Simson Petrol, Unsplash

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