I am enthusiastic about the authentic use of technologies for enhanced teaching and learning. In my work, I take a scholarly and collaborative approach to leading eLearning initiatives, promoting aligned and thoughtful integration of digital tools for 21-century learning. Read More…

What I’m Working on: Lightboards for student-generated videos; Blended learning course re-design; Best practices for online faculty mentorship programs; Rubric for eLearning Tool Evaluation

Research Interests

My research portfolio broadly focuses on technology-mediated teaching and learning for authentic engagement. I am currently working on research projects that explore on students’ learning experiences in university classrooms recently re-designed to incorporate technology-enhanced strategies for learning, such as blended learning and lightboard assignments. I am also interested in how instructional technologies are best critically reviewed by instructors and educational developers so that timely and informed choices can be made when making curriculum decisions.


Teaching Support Centre, D.B. Weldon Library, Western University


(519)661-2111 extension 81218